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  • San Marcos la Laguna Guatemala Lake Atitlan




Named for the first working street musician of the 20th century, Blind Lemonís was conceived as a live music venue. And considering its remote location, Lemonís attracts a fairly steady stream of great musical and entertainment talent. As this is Guatemala, we never know too much in advance when these people are going to walk through the door, but weíre happy to keep you informed and put you on our events mailing list if youíll send us an email to carlosfunk@blindlemons.com.

Every Tuesday night is Bluesnight here. Carlos, the owner, holds down the fort with his repertoire of originals and covers of the bluesmen of the 20th century such as Robert Johnson, Blind Willie McTell, Tampa Red, and of course Blind Lemon Jefferson, and welcomes anybody else who plays the blues to participate. During the high season of December to March we also have many open mikes as well. Other nights, we have the latest best movies and documentaries shown on the big screen. We also have a Directv system from the USA to cover major sporting events.

If you are a musician and are coming to Guatemala and San Marcos and are interested in playing here, please drop us an email and let us know.